Kicking Goat Cider reviews

Kicking Goat Cider reviews

After nearly two years of development and planning, we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to finally fling open the gates and bleat about our beautiful ciders… running wild in the world and alive and kicking. There’s big things to come from this little Billy, but we’ve had some amazing responses already… 

Justin F from Oxfordshire exclaimed “this is the best cider I’ve had!” whilst Tim F of Somerset said “I had some the other day and it was very tasty.” Emma J Henley on Thames was effusive “just had first ever bottle. Love it”

But it’s not just consumers who are already loving Kicking Goat Cider. James Cummings, owner of Stable 34 Henley on Thames echoes those sentiments… ‘‘As a newly opened craft beer and cider tap house we wanted to provide our customers with a quality independent craft cider; Kicking Goat Cider has been a huge success for us already’’.

Beercraftbath commented “With over 600 craft beers and ciders we are always looking for new and exciting products. Kicking Goat Cider has great branding along with delicious liquid which is going down very well with our customers.’’

‘‘The great advantage of being independent is that we can offer our customers what they want. They want a full fruit craft cider on tap and they’re really enjoying Kicking Goat’’ continued Charles Parson Owner of The Fox and Badger Wellow, Bath.

‘‘We pride ourselves on the quality of the food at The White Hart and having Kicking Goat Cider as part of the offering fits entirely with our ethos’’ commented Jo Woodgate, of The White Hart, Widcombe, Bath. 

‘‘We have been running The Flower Pot, Henley-on-Thames for over 30 years and have received numbers accolades and awards over that time. Having had so many different ciders on tap over the years we have been absolutely thrilled by the popularity of Kicking Goat Cider. We can safely say that we have never known a cider to have such an instant following of both regulars and visitors alike. They all love it and sales volumes reflect that.’’ Pat Thatcher, The Flower Pot, Henley-on-Thames.

And finally “Having run The Neeld Arms for over twenty years with a number of customers wary of change , it was a big decision to replace one of the established cider brands with Kicking Goat; my goodness how pleased we’ve been by the response and our customers absolutely love it.’’ from Charlie West owner of The Neeld Arms, Grittleton, Wiltshire.

So with rave reviews like that, what are you waiting for… buy and try today!